Thick as Thieves EP

by The Rin Tins

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Pre Ch: I’ve got your back, you’ve got mine (you’ve got mine) You and me we’re two of a kind (two of a kind) Bank job, jewel heist, hold up a train, I’ll be riding shotgun just the same Chorus You and me we’re Thick as Thieves (thick as thieves, thick as thieves) You and me we’re Thick as Thieves (thick as thieves, thick as thieves) x2 Intro (chorus with just bass and vocals) Sax Interlude (Ch progression) Vs1 (boys) We’ve known each other man and boy We’ve known sorrow, we’ve known joy We’ve weathered the storm, turned the tide We know when to fight and when to hide (girls) When I went and landed myself in jail, You came for me and posted my bail Though the coppers tried to get me to sing You can rest assured; I didn’t tell them a thing Vs2 (Boys) I light a fire when you lose your way Lend you a bob when you don’t get paid Buy you a drink when your glass is empty Put food on your plate when I’ve got plenty (girls) When you rob a bank, I’m in the getaway car When you sing a song I’ll be playing guitar Do what you can, keep the wolves from the door Rob from the rich and run from the law Pre Ch Ch Mid Section Vs3 (Boys) Now we’re two old villains, long in the tooth Ain’t like it used to be and that’s the truth We tell stories of days gone past Has time run out, has it gone too fast? (girls) But the shows not over, the game not up We’ve got years ahead with a bit of luck ‘Cos you an’ me make quite a team An’ in our line of work we’re thick as thieves!
Vs 1 Do conditions not apply Who am I to ask you why Did I dot my T or cross my I When I signed the register? Invited to the party I hope I don’t get farty Get drunk and act all tarty With the butler Vs 2 When your in your mansion Do you ever fashion A crime of heated passion Or do you just play cards? Will you start to smolder At my ruffled shoulder My cigarette holder Do you like a bit of rough? Chorus: Oh why, was I born so high? Oh, why (why, why) can I not try Ascot, Sotheby’s, Buckingham Palace Parties The Ritz Harrods, water polo French cuisine or flying solo?! Vs 3 How do you fancy, Meeting in the pantry Or perhaps the chantry But what would the vicar say? I could try to fit in Grow myself a double chin Laugh with you and drink your gin But what would my conscience say?
Extra-Extra 04:00
Pre Chorus Don’t ask me, (don’t ask me) Don’t tell me, (don’t tell me) Don’t let the truth spoil your fun (x 2) Chorus Extra Extra, Read all about it ( x 4) Vs 1 My fingers in my ears never felt so good I don’t want to know any more than I should I don’t bend the knee to any false flag Or listen when media tongues begin to wag I can’t make a difference and I wouldn’t care if I could Chorus Vs 2 My life’s a bubble and I built it that way The man on the hill has nothing new to say The thirst for power is an ominous trait I don’t trust anyone that wants that fate A politician’s promise isn’t worth a whore’s bouquet Pre Chorus Chorus Vs 3 The unknown actor on a fake stage Is no better than a voter on Election Day A democracy isn’t always perfect, Neither’s the alternative last I checked But who am I to give the game away Pre Chorus Chorus
Back On Sale 04:58
My town has a lot of spires And it always conspires To throw me back in jail Oh it wasn’t my fault I just did what I was told And now I’m being sold I’m back on sale My friends are on the street Preparing to compete They’re fightin’ in the mud The less is more the better But the question is whether I can stand the weather Now I’m back on sale I won’t lie anymore I’m scared to my core Now the finish lines in sight But with the bitterness of sin I can’t even begin To explain to my kin Why I’m back on sale I just want to build a home For me to live in all alone And count the clouds in the sky But some company would be nice But it’s a roll of the dice You have to pay the price To not be back on sale Mid Section Saxophone Solo Was it something I did? Was is something I hid? Maybe its nothing at all Is it true I shouldn’t trust Just do what I must Never make a fuss When I’m back on sale This lifes a struggle Hopping from puddle to puddle While keeping your feet dry This forest is a maze When will I see through the haze When will it be my day To not be back on sale


released September 2, 2016


all rights reserved



The Rin Tins Bristol, UK

Keep them dancing.
That’s the ethos that The Rin Tins have kept since their inception in early 2011 and since then the sextet have strutted from one stage to another playing high octane gypsy swing to the party hard masses.
With music that combines 5 part harmonies with swing jazz rhythms and pounding oompa beats, for 7 years they've been filling dance floors & festival tents across the UK.
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